Quality Doctor

Permata Hati Hospital has a doctor who is of high quality and very competent in their field

Emergency Departments

Ministers to patients with acute cases and occur suddenly and need prompt and appropriate help

Medical equipment

equipped with modern and sophisticated medical equipment to help doctors diagnose

24 hour service

Located in the center of Semarapura City by presenting a 24-hour service "Care with Love".

Care with Love

All elements of the services of Permata Hati Hospital, both from consultants, specialist doctors, general practitioners, nurses and midwives, and the paramedic team are always committed to providing the best service from the heart to ensure the quality & satisfaction of the services you obtain.

Medical Record

We record patient identity, examination, treatment, actions and services.

Health Insurance

Permata Hati Hospital serves health insurance with a reimbursement system and for BPJS emergency.


We provide the best service at affordable prices.

Health Consultation with a Doctor

Consultation about health with a specialist

“Kesehatan adalah keadaan fisik, mental dan sosial yang lengkap, dan bukan hanya tidak adanya penyakit atau kelemahan.”

- Organisasi Kesehatan Dunia (WHO)

Our Quality Doctor

dr. Ngurah Gede Boyke Arsa Wibawa, Sp. B

dr. Herman Yudawan, Sp.U

dr. Made Yunita Saraswati Murya, Sp. A

dr. I Gede Indra Ari Utama Murya, Sp. OG

Recent News

Read our latest news from companies or general medical news. Don't hesitate to ask questions in comments for any news that you find interesting.

18 April 2019

When tartar is not cleaned up

The tartar is not routinely cleaned apart from making the appearance of the teeth become not beautiful, it can also cause other problems. One of the effects caused by tartar is inflammation of the gum [...]

18 April 2019

How to Prevent Mental Health Disorders?

Stress is a cause that is often associated with someone who has a mental health disorder. Here are some steps you can take to deal with stress: • Perform Physical Activity Routinely All forms o [...]

18 April 2019

Permata Hati Hospital is now opening the opportunity to join

Come share with friends who need: Permata Hati Hospital now opens the opportunity to join for the position: 1. General Physician Qualification a. Graduate S1 in Medicine b. Have STR c. Has ATC [...]